Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking a Rest...

I think I am going to be hitting my first plateau. I am down a pound from the three pounds that I shot up. I just think my body is tired of losing weight so fast. I think it is ready for a rest. I can understand this, I just don't want it to be a long rest. Mentally, if that is the case, I will have a hard time dealing with it. I am almost at the half way point of my weight loss window, and I still have quite a bit of weight that I want to lose.

I don't mind slow progress, but I really do need progress. Hopefully, I will show progress when I measure my inches this month. Some days I also just think that I truly need perspective. For example, I have gone from a size 28 (in August) to now a comfortable size 18 in December. I have gone down a size a month in my pants. That is a great accomplishment. Yet, I can't wait to be in a 16, and will be THRILLED to be in a size 14! I don't know if I will ever reach goal (or even what that goal is), but I want to be able to shop in normal stores.

I am still not certain if I had an addiction to food as a pre-op, but I certainly did have a fascination with it. I would think all day about what I was going to eat. (Now, I don't really think about what I want to eat, instead I do a mental tally of carbs and protein grams all day.) Food does not really have that kind of hold on me anymore. One interesting thing is cravings. I will get a "craving" for something, so I will go out and order it. Last night it was a piece of Long John Silvers Fish. I got it, and I ate about half of it, and didn't even want it anymore. Food does not give me the mental satisfaction that it once did. It is just food. It is fuel for my body. Gee, maybe I'm starting to use it how it was intended all along.

I am sure I am going through the same emotions that countless other WLS patients have gone through. It is nice to have this blog to get them out. I hope it helps others in their journey as well.

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Tia L. said...

Y'know I have been back and forth on the whole addiction issue myself. One could argue that there is no way a 500+ lb person DOESN'T have a food addiction, but *I* have a hard time making that conclusion and it's not because I am afraid of claiming that. I just don't think it's true for me. Me, I am an emotional eater, I don't think they are the same thing. I was never consumed by thoughts of when and what I was going to eat next. Food was an easy friend but I can honestly say that when other things in my life were going great, food plummeted on down my priority list.

15 months out from surgery, my attitude certainly has changed about food. I have true hunger pangs which I rarely had before and my tastes have evolved as well. I used to be all about the sweets, now I crave savory things more.

Anyway, I tell ya one thing, stalls SUCK, but you certainly do learn a lot about yourself and I truly believe they help prepare you for the long haul, they build character, test your patience and make you re-evaluate your nutrition, exercise, supplements, everything. My non-stop obsessing during stalls helped me to be as vigilant as I can be.

Hang in there, you are doing great and you'll do just fine!