Thursday, December 20, 2007


I just realized that I am 18.7 pounds from losing 50% of my body weight!!! That is so wild to me, that I will soon be half the size I was when I went into surgery. That number will also put me a few pounds into ONEDERLAND!

Knowing this will really affect how I eat over the next few days. I have a lunch and a dinner to attend on Saturday, and Christmas with my family on Christmas day. Yes, I know that I can have a small bit of "anything", and its OK. Yet, I know that keeping with high protein/low carb food will give me the best weight loss results. Looking at how close I am to these TWO major milestones, the food is really not worth it. I can always have a piece of pumpkin pie or a bit from a casserole dish. These food items just seem very petty now because I want to reach these two milestones desperately. I want to finish the next three months (which will be my one year post-op anniversary) out with gazelle intensity!!!

Now, I need to keep my head clear. It is so easy to crunch numbers and make predictions of when I will reach what goal. Each step in the right direction is a positive one.

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