Thursday, December 27, 2007


I tried on a pair of the pointed toe dress shoes that are in style now. NOT going to happen for me. When I tried them on, they looked like ELF shoes on me. It is a cute style, but my big feet cannot pull them off.

My best friend Mandi got engaged. She is engaged to a complete loser. I've talked with her about him several times, but she still persists. I told her she is an adult, and I will support her choices. She is planning an August wedding. We were talking about bridesmaid dresses, and Mandi brought up something that shocked me. She said, I bet you will be in a 14 by then., a 14!!!! Also thinking...that is eight months from now, I could very well be SMALLER than that by next August (and hopefully so)!

I still cannot get over how the DS has changed my perception of food. I hope to one day be able to adequately put the changes into words that really describe how different my life is now.

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