Monday, December 24, 2007

PCP Visit on Thursday

When I go to the doctor I make lists, so I don't forget to talk with them about anything. Here is the list so far...

1. Discussion of Goal Weight
2. Going over my current vitamin schedule
3. ACNE medication
4. Flagyl - it's time folks, really, long overdue
5. Setting up my next set of bloodwork
6. Want her to run a urine test to make sure I don't have a kidney infection. This is per the request of my grandmother. My lower back has been hurting for about a week, and there is no real explanation for it.

I also want to get her some sort of small gift as a token of appreciation for all of her follow up care since my DS. She really has went above and beyond. She has really studied up on it, and made phone calls when she was uncertain of things. Anytime I have been worried or concerned about something related to my DS, she always makes sure that she gives me an appointment for that day. I'm going to make an effort to look for something at Hallmark the day after Christmas.

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