Saturday, December 8, 2007

Clothing Frustration...

I have a few holiday functions that are coming up, and I would like to put forth a bit of extra effort in looking nice, but my body is not cooperating. Nothing I try on looks good. Have I gotten super picky since losing weight about my clothes? Prior to WLS, as long as it "covered" me, I was set. Now, I actually want clothes to fit properly, yet hid as many of my physical flaws as possible. Shopping is hard when your body is trying to figure out what shape it wants to be.

I am going to go to the upscale consignment store on Tuesday, and see if I can luck up and find anything there. I have had quite a bit of luck there in the past. If I can't find anything, I am just going to give up, and wear something that I have in my closet.

The good trying on many tops/sweaters, I am swearing a 14/16 in tops. If the top is really long I need an 18 because of the hips. I even tried on a pair of 16s just for kicks. I've still got a ways before I can wear them.

At least my hair will look good for the holiday festivities. I am going to get it cut and colored on Monday. I am tempted to get it permed, but you can't color and perm at the same time. I am also a bit leery of perms since my last perm experience (5th grade) was NOT a positive one. We'll see what I come out with. I have grey hair now, not a lot, but enough that I have to start coloring it. Fun times.

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