Sunday, December 9, 2007


3 more pounds! Weighed in at 218 this morning! That is a total loss of 175.6 pounds! Sometimes how much weight I have lost almost seems surreal. I have busted my butt for 6 months at a time and been "thrilled" to have lost 30-40 pounds on Weight Watchers. That is not even counting how miserable I was the entire time doing the program.

Ok, back to the clothing thing again. I guess part of my frustration is where I carry my extra weight. It seems like that area is the slowest to lose. As I mentioned in a previous blog entry, from about mid-waist up, I look completely normal. I don't really look obese (that is if I can hide my ugly arms!). I have a ton of excess weight in my thighs and hips. I still think I am a ways away from being able to wear a size 16, even though many people at my weight can wear that size. I know that really targeting exercises might help some, but I just need to accept the fact that the fat there is very clingy, and is only going to depart very slowly with a whole lot of kicking and screaming.

For those of you with kids out there, they have a children/teen BMI calculator. Here is the link:

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