Friday, December 7, 2007

Proud That I No Longer...

My dad and friends used to always say they couldn't understand why I wasn't thin, especially considering what I ate. I guess I always tried to have some self-respect and dignity, so my pig out sessions were always in private. I was ashamed for people to know what I ate at home. The biggest part of any WLS is that it only works on your body, not your head. I am so glad of some of the changes I have made. I am proud that I no longer...(I think I have written a post like this previously, but for some reason, I need to say it again for myself.)
  • Order a Large Thin crust meat lovers pizza, 2 liter of coke, and family size order of cheese sticks....and polish that off in the course of two meals.
  • Stop at the drive thru two times a day. Always "super sizing" my meals and drinks.
  • Buy two batches of those "just bake" cookies, and eating all of them in the course of a week.
  • Pick up two candy bars any time I was at a checkout (buying gas, a coffee, etc.)
  • Always getting a dessert when I went out to eat.
  • Ordering salmon, mashed potatoes, a dessert, and the cheesy-bacon fries from Outback once a week curbside.
  • That I no longer eat the portion size that an NFL lineman needs to eat in order to maintain his weight.
  • Happy I don't feel like I always need something in my mouth.
  • Downing coke like there was no tomorrow. Easily drinking 4-6 cans a day.

After reading over this list, which is by no means exhaustive, it sure makes me feel good that now my only indulgence is five sugar free dove chocolates a day. I am not justifying my replacement behavior, but compared to what I did as a pre-op, it is certainly a MAJOR improvement.

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