Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day: Part II

This note was to make sure that HH didn't open the fridge to find the heart shapped pizza I cooked for him. No, this wasn't made from scratch, it was Papa Murphys. It was the first time I had their pizza, and I bought it strictly for the novelty, but it was pretty good.

This is not a great picture, but there are lamps lighting the walkway to our destination.

My fine dining companion:

Not too bad of a picture of me:

Holding the rose each lady was given for the evening:

Our event: An Evening Under the Stars. I wanted to do this last year, but it sold out by the time I learned about it.

Fun decor:

HH out on the dance floor bustin some moves. We first danced to a song to find out who was the oldest married couple. We were obviously out in the first minute, but the final couple had been married for 41 years. After that, we finished our dessert (it was supposed to be romantic and you share the dessert, but I am a total dessert girl, and wasn't down with the sharing. HH is so sweet, and let me eat most of it). The first dance song was "Billie Jean" by MJ, and Ben and I made a mad sprint heading to the dance floor.
Random piece of art I made HH stand by:

Yeah, he is that cool....

I got this dress today at Dress Barn, and I am really loving it!

Acting silly, pretending to bite the rose:

A man took this of us together, we will also get a professional portrait in the mail.

My favorite of HH and I:

HH is acting tomorrow at KidStuff, and because of pending weather we moved our dinner reservation up to four. That way we should be home when the bad weather hits.