Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is having a show today in honoring his 100th episode by having people who have lost 100 pounds. It is very inspiring. He was talking about how the body starts to repair itself as you lose weight, which was encouraging to me....he was showing how your knee cartilage can tear apart, but how it can repair it also. My knees are an area that I have been concerned with. I don't want to be my mom, and need a knee replacement early in life.

I have struggled with squatting, because I couldn't do it with so much weight. When I started losing weight I "could" squat, but it was still painful and also awkward. I had not tried it in a long time, but today when I did it, it was not painful, but it still feels awkward. That makes me think that maybe the cartlidge in my knees is repairing itself.

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