Friday, February 26, 2010

Lots of Randomness....

It's Friday morning, and random is all I got left in me...

The absolute BEST was what happened at cooking class last night. I took an individual class, since there is a one week break between basic and advanced training. At the break, a lady comes up to me and asks me, "What restaurant are you a chef at?" I laughed and told her I was a newlywed trying to navigate my way through the kitchen. She said, "You ask really detailed and good questions, so I just assummed that you were a chef."

I also realized that even planning a "stay-cation" will require some work. I told Ben it was all about going to some restaurants that I'd been wanting to try for some time. I have fourteen restaurants, but have decided that we need to widdle that down to seven. Decisions. Decisions. We also have brainstormed a good size list of things to do locally.

Today is my student teacher's last day. While it is not fair, I have naturally compared him to the four previous student teachers I have had over the years. He by far is the best. Perfect, no.....but a desire to do the best, ABSOLUTELY! I will be sad to see him go. HH (who is the best), got him a gift card to his favorite pizza place yesterday, along with a big musical card from the kids. I also did my standard favorite gift for teachers, "A Jar of Memories and Thanks"....the kids wrote on three colored slips of paper things that they would remember about him, and thanking him for what he taught them. HH had the best time trying to decipher what all the cards meant last night. He had the mistaken notion that because they were in fifth grade, grammar and spelling would be evident and that all the content would make sense. I guess as a teacher, you become immune to some of that, but I was dying laughing listening to him read what they wrote, and hearing his comments.

While eating dinner before cooking class, I called HH. I really miss my dad. We talk all the time, at least once a day. I have not seen him since Christmas day. We live forty minutes away. We have made plans a few times, weather has happened, etc. Other times though, it has just been my priorities....I've chosen to do other things rather than go visit my dad. I asked HH if it was ok if we went and hung out with my dad Sunday after church (I typically reserve this time for a long nap, but I can do without). He said that would be great. I know we'll go to THE Mexican restaurant, along with going to see The Tooth Fairy. Never underestimate God's power to restore a relationship. My dad and I had the worst relationship during middle an high school. It took a long time, but God has truly healed our relationship. I am so close to my dad.

After school I am going with my friend who was really discouraged about teaching out to have pizza. We didn't end up getting to eat together on the night I had wanted, so I want to have some good one on one time with her. Then, it is off to basketball. We have three more games, and HH and I plan to make them all.

I need to get going, but you MUST go read this post over at the Hobo Teacher (Chi Town are going to LOVE this!!!).

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ChiTown Girl said...

bwah hahahaha! You're so right! I LOVED that! Thanks for sharing, my friend!