Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

My niece Mallory.

My cousins are going to get their daughter from China on February 25th. They have tried to have a child on their own since 1997. I am so happy for them, and know they will make wonderful parents!

HH and I together. He is writing a letter to Kate for her second birthday. Every guest wrote a letter for her to open on a different birthday. That was a cool shower idea....I had HH write our letter because he is much better with words than I am.
On an unrelated note, I have really enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics with HH. We have watched quite a bit. What I've not enjoyed this evening has been filling out the super long evaluation form for my student teacher. I am 2/3's the way done with it, and only have one more to do, along with his letter of recommendation before the end of the week.
Ok....I know that you have been wondering where are the new recipes I have been making? Well, I know I am taking a ton of cooking classes, but when you throw GED classes into the mix (will have them on Monday and Wednesday in March), and on the weekends I want to go out for some meals.....that equals not much innovation going on in the home front kitchen. This will change when the school year winds down, I promise. I am learning lots of cool things that I want to flaunt! HH has been very patient, but I know he wants some good meals too. (I promise they will come soon honey!)

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ChiTown Girl said...

What an awesome idea those letters are! So cool!

That cake is gorgeous! Did someone make it, or was it from a bakery?

That is a spectacular picture of you and Ben! You both always look so joyful in your pictures together.