Saturday, February 20, 2010

HH is HOME!!!

HH is posing with a singing fish that we saw at Walgreens. We went to dinner at Red Robin and watched my students play basketball. We lost, but it is not our last game....three more to go!

At dinner, I once again proved just how difficult it is for me to keep a secret. I had told Ben that I had a reading meeting in Cincinnati in April on a work night. I asked him to take me to the meeting, because I would be tired. Of course, HH readily agreed. About twenty minutes later, I tell him that I found tickets for us to see Craig Ferguson perform comedy live. I am so nerdy!

This brownie pan is significant. This is the first time in my memory that I let a dessert go bad. I seriously "forgot" about it....and thus didn't feel the need to clear the pan. This is a victory for me.
HH and I watched a documentary on the Style Network called, "Too Fat at Fifteen," about a British teen who weighed 465 pounds before enrolling in the residential Wellspring Academy based out of North Carolina. She spent nine months there, and lost 202 pounds. I applaud the courage it took to be in such an intensive program, and dealing with issues head on.
On Friday I got into another disagreement with the counselor. I try to be very vague about work here, but I want to share some. The counselor and I do have a history. I know she thinks I intentionally seek out situations to assert my opinion, and be more difficult than necessary....but in the cases that I've chosen to battle with her on, I truly feel that I am in the right. The counselor sends me an email for an IEP meeting that she scheduled without checking my schedule. I have to meet with my student teacher's university supervisor to determine his grade for the first eight weeks of his student teaching. I cannot meet on the date/time she wanted. I write back and tell her it will need to be rescheduled. She writes back to see if someone else on my team could come to the meeting in my place. I go to another lady who is in an administrative position in our building (knows the laws, regulations, etc.) to explain my thinking and to make sure I was in the right. (We teachers forget that WE have rights too when it comes to our students with IEPs.) As I was telling her the situation, the counselor walks by. It looked like I was badmouthing her, but I was just telling the facts, making sure that I had the right to raise a fuss about this. I don't want some other teacher sitting in on a meeting that is important to me. I need to be there. I stood my ground, and said I wanted the meeting rescheduled.

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