Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Update...

I went almost the whole day without talking. I have little to no voice. That made the day at school interesting to say the least. I helped 6 people certify to take their GED (tonight was the final class....I start a new one next Monday).

When I came home, HH and I danced to our song, "At Last"...since it was what was written on day one of our Valentine's Advent Calendar. He also brought me home RALLY'S FRIES! I LOVE Rally's Fries (also known as Checkers to some folks depending on where you are reading from). HH was discussing that perhaps I was losing a taste for pretty much anything fried. I disagreed, but I have found almost all french fries I try not impressive enough to "want" to eat. (With Rally's fries being the exception, of course!)

HH read to me more from Cosbyology, and I think a game of Scrabble is coming up. Why am I so spirited? I decided to take tomorrow off. I hate getting sub plans ready, but I was seriously useless today. I know they say "A day with a sick teacher is always better than a sub,".... but I still feel tired and achy, and I can't handle all those personalities in the mix.

We got news that the church near Evansville, IN is not interested in exploring us further. (Meaning no second call back, etc.) We have prayed that God will close all the doors, and make the decision clear to us. It would be easy to rehash everything we said, and pick through our words, but I really don't feel that I said anything that I shouldn't have said. If something about us didn't gel with them, that is ok. HH does still have the one church in KY that is very interested, and another church in WV that is showing interest. I keep trying to remember this is a big process. Many of our friends it took at least a year to eighteen months (even during better economic times) to find their ministry position.

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