Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seeing What All the Fuss Is About...

I am FINALLY watching "Twilight"...yes, I know I've missed the boat. I wasn't interested in reading the books, because I've always had a big list going with books. I am watching it this morning because HH is VERY afraid of zombies/vampires, and has requested not to watch the movie with me.

Here is the challenge for day 7 from Women's Marriage Ministry:

Write your husband the following note...
"Thank you for wanting to work hard on for our family. Your desire and commitment makes me feel secure."

I struggled this one....and not because I don't believe it. I just wasn't sure it was the right timing to leave HH this message. HH is working hard to look for a job, but it takes such a long time to find a job in ministry. It's also not just about a church wanting us, we have to feel that we belong at that church as well. By needing to be available almost every weekend to go to various churches, it makes it pretty impossible for HH to find another job that would provide him free weekends. With all this being said, you can see why I might be hesitant to send him this message. I would hate for it to come across in the wrong light.

I sent this message to HH in the form of a text message. He did thank me for the message, and I can tell it meant a lot to him. I wanted it to come across as encouraging. I love HH, and I know he will be an awesome provider.

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Missie said...

Did you like Twilight? I loved both movies so far.