Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day: Part I

I can never get Jerray to give me a big smile, but he is proud of the work he did on his poster. We had the lamest Valentine's Party ever today. It wasn't for lack of being able to have one, but since we were out of school on Tuesday and Wednesday, I decided not to send home a note on Thursday asking parents to bring things in. I figured I might get a backlash for asking them to do something last minute. I had a few kids bring things in anyhow. HH had made them treat bags. My student teacher's lesson went over, so they got a little fifteen minute celebration. :(

Two days in a row Jerry makes the blog....this time it was for his "deranged criminal" getup for showing the "cruel and unusual punishment" prohibition in the eighth amendment.

Yet another reason why I always carry my camera with me....seriously, bringing your own parts to the auto shop. I guess that means they never guarantee their work, because they can always fault the parts you bring in.

HH is hard at work in cooking class. It was so delicious. I love this chef, and have taken a few courses under him. He ran two french bistros in Chicago for ten years, so he always cooks with yummy things like heavy cream, butter, bacon, etc.

The happy couple stopping for a picture. This is our second cooking class together. The owner talked about doing some grilling date night classes as the weather warmed up, and we both expressed great interest in that.
We were totally digging the Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight. I would have loved to have been there in person. Going to the Olympics is one of my personal goals I want to achieve in life.

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