Friday, February 5, 2010

Boring Old Recap! is the funniest thing that was said at school today:

I divide the kids into groups, since we have been studying the Bill of Rights. They are each assigned an ammendment, and have to come up with a way to describe it to the class using charades. I'm walking around, listening to their ideas, when Jerry comes up to me...."Mrs. F, Guess what I'm going to do in our skit?"...."I'm going to be the person getting electrocuted." This cracks me up, because he always does the funniest animations in class anyway. I'll be taking a picture of this one for sure.

HH and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner....and then to Starbucks to play Scrabble. Bball in the hood has actually found a new location (and closer to our house, which is NOT in the hood), so we cheered on the team there. HH shouted GOAL every time they made a point, which was pretty much awesome. My student teacher came to the game as well.

Saturday: NO place to be, NO time to wake up by, BLISS

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