Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pictures Pictures.....

This is HH smiling big time from the cake that I made him over the weekend.

HH went ahead and gave my my Valentine's candy early. This heart was so HUGE. It has been personalized (per HH's style) with my favorite candy of the moment: Peanut Butter Dove Chocolates. (I am in the dreaded Eeyore nightshirt. HH's mom got it for me last year, and it is so comfy that I wear it all the time.)

I saw this on a blog....put half the brownie batter in, then put Hershey's bars in, and finish with the remaining batter. Kind of a "semi-homemade" way to kick up the brownies.

Here I am sporting THE brand....

HH and I posed to take a picture where all the magic happened....it was in this lobby that he proposed to me! For our advent calendar today we had a picnic lunch here. It was really nice.

I am so pumped that this book came intoday. I hope I have the courage to plug through it. I've struggled with insecurity all my life. I know this book is going to address things that I hope I am personally able to address. The majority of this is deeply rooted in spending the majority of my life SSMO. It has affected more decisions than I can ever imagine.

I was telling HH about how this week was post a picture of a celebrity that people have told you that you look like on your profile (on facebook). No one has ever said I looked like any celebrity. HH didn't miss a beat, and replied, "You don't look like any celebrity because they are all inferior to you."
Day Five Challenge:
Compliment your man's muscles and his strong hands.
I did this, and HH didn't seem outwardly to be that phased by it. Hopefully it meant something on the inside.
On another day she talked about putting on makeup, taking a little bit extra effort in your dress. I do decent in the dressing part, but horrible in the makeup area. I wore makeup on like the first three dates HH and I went on. Then I didn't wear any until our rehearsal dinner. I have tons of makeup, I even go through splurges where I buy a bunch thinking I'll change, but it never happens! I did put on lipstick before our picnic lunch, and HH was VERY quick to notice the difference. I think lipstick would be the easiest way for me to work into wearing makeup on a regular basis, but I am paranoid about my teeth. My teeth are yellow, and I feel like lipstick only highlights this.

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Anonymous said...

Darling pictures! HH looks so pleased with the cake you made, it's so lovely to see how well the advent is going - I'll have to try some of these!

For makeup... I'm an infrequent commenter, but an avid reader*, and looove makeup.
Easy basics: tinted moisturizer, blush-bronzer, mascara, lip gloss - 3 minutes MAX.
Tips for starting slow - for coverage, like a tinted moisturizer is super easy. Then use a tiny bit of a blush-bronzer (combined = one step!) with a huge blush brush (try Walmart). Add some black mascara, and some lip gloss (in more of a blue tone - like a purply mauve, which makes your teeth like whiter - I'm the same way!). To really jazz it up, try a sparkly beige toned eyeshadow, with maybe a bit of purple.

Hope that helps (without seeming overkill!)

*Love your blog - I've seen 2 signs on my drive to work that say "Change is Good" - reminds me to say a little prayer for ya! xo