Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Product Endorsement

I have been going back to basics on my eating. I've gotten a little bit too carb happy, so I am going back old school to what really works well for my body. I've been heavy on the tuna salad lately. While I make an awesome BBQ tuna salad, I have to have some carbs to eat this stuff twice a day. Enter Triscuits. Forget about the cardboard Triscuits you had in your youth, these are not your mama's Triscuits. They pack quite a flavorful punch, and make just about anything you eat more palatable.
Try some today. Your taste buds will thank you.

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JLI said...

I am a big fan of all 3! There's another one that has a sun dried tomato flavor that's really YUM too. The best pairing with Triscuits is some smoked gouda cheese and summer sausage. That has been a meal in our home more times than we can count! Totally blows the whole "eating well" thing out of the water, but it's so worth it!