Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Four Challenge

Over at Women's Marriage Ministry, the Day 4 Challenge goes like this...

When your husband is around say something honorable about him in front of his peers.

Since HH is not working now, I take this opportunity to do this challenge when we are at Sunday School class, or with my parents. He is always edifying me in public. I am sensitive with jokes, so I try to be sensitive in joking with him in public too. For many years my dad was the epitome of the old adage, "There is always some truth in a joke."

I will keep my eyes open for more chances to edify my husband in public. There are so many things that I can brag on. That is really nice.


Bandita Senorita said...

I really like this idea of saying something honorable.

belliott said...

I saw that you live in Louisville, KY. That is so neat! I live in KY as well and you are the first person I have seen on the Women's Marriage blog that lives in KY!
Great to meet you!