Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 6 Challenge

Day Six of the Challenge over at Women's Marriage Ministry is all about doing something that YOUR man wants to do, and being all gung-ho about it! This day actually corresponded with our advent calendar. Tonight was about us watching Avatar (a cartoon series) that HH loves. We watched the entire series when we were dating. At first I was leery of watching the series, but I am glad that I watched the series. I really got into it quickly. Tonight, we take a trip back down memory lane, and I get to watch my HH smile and laugh like a champion.

Tonight, I wrote HH's card about Why I Want to Grow Old With Him....I had no idea how emotional I would get writing it. I got very emotional, and cried like a total sap. HH will get it tomorrow for his advent calendar surprise.

I had dinner and coffee with Rachel tonight. We decided that the boys are going to have to go ALL out for us with the "Relive Your Prom" Valentine's Day Dinner...we want corsages. Really cute ones that match our dresses. Just. Like. Prom.

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Missie said...

Hope you're having a good week!