Thursday, February 11, 2010

Challenge Day 8

Relay a compliment to him. Reflect back over the past several weeks. Did someone say something positive and honoring about your husband?

This day is so easy to do! People compliment HH all the time, to him personally, and to me as well. HH is a genuine nice guy, and is very willing to be a servant. When we were at the Feed My Starving Children Event, he cleaned up a big water spill in the men's bathroom, because he didn't want anyone else to get hurt. I can give many examples of his generosity. His sweetness is often commented on by my co-workers, but I'm sure that I let a compliment or two slip between the cracks. I told him about how sweet his Valentine's Day heart was, which was personalized with the candies I like the best. Many of my co-workers just thought that was the coolest thing.

There is a Keith Urban song with lyrics that say, "I want to stand out in the crowd for you, a MAN among men." My husband absolutely does this.

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Bandita Senorita said...

I love those lyrics (and that song)! :)

I really like these posts.