Sunday, February 28, 2010

In a Funk...

I had to bring a boatload of school work home this weekend. This really did not sit well with me, and left me in a bitter mood. I bust my tail all week, and I hate when I have to bring even a little bit of schoolwork home on the weekend, let alone how much I have brought home this particular weekend! I am even doing work on the drive to and from my parent's house today. Ok, time to build a bridge and move on.

Brian Reagan was amazing last night. Tons and tons of laughs! I had never heard of him before meeting HH, but I can sure see why HH likes him so much. HH even wore his "I love Tiffany" shirt to match my "I love Ben" shirt last night. We were cute. (Pictures tonight, if I am not buried alive in school work.)

I absolutely have one thing to look forward to this week: ADVANCED TRAINING begins in cooking class. I am so looking forward to summer when I won't feel so tired, and I have some free time to actually cook. I cannot wait to see the newest schedule for Spring classes and start picking what I want to take next. I know I am going to do six cake decorating classes, the rest I will have to see what is offered.

Off to get ready for church.

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