Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pumped UP about Today....

Today, HH, my mom, and I are going to Evansville, IN to participate in Feed My Starving Children. I learned about this project from Jen at A Prior Fat Girl's blog. We are going to be packaging food that will be sent to Haiti. If you have a chance, you should check out their website. It is amazing that they can get six meals from $1.

Yesterday, I did errands after watching Twilight. (It was ok, but I really wasn't into it.) HH helped me package the kids Valentine's "goodie" bags for next Friday. I decided that I wanted to go to The Cheesecake Factory for an early dinner. I had really been craving the shrimp and bacon club since I saw it on someone else's blog last week. It was the first meal I have had at the Cheesecake Factory (back in the day in college), and has always been a standby favorite for me. It was a delicious meal.

Last night we watched 17 again, which was a cute movie. We also began rehashing our spring break plans. (I seriously want to GET AWAY for a few days.) I brought up the possibility of going to Dale Hallow Lake State Park, and renting a really nice cabin. Now why the sudden change from the Grand Canyon? Well, I still want to do the Grand Canyon with everything that is in me, BUT I started thinking about how pretty much two days of the trip will be airport travel. Then for the cost of the tickets out there, I could pay for a posh cabin with a few hundred to spare here. Hopefully, we are going SOMEWHERE. I want to do a countdown to spring break like Chitown girl, but it is still too long away, and I'll get sad. What I can do now is dream. :)

Off to clean out the back seat of the car. HH and I really don't care about how the inside of our car looks, and right now, we currently don't have room for my mom to come on the trip to Evansville with us. Lets fix that.

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