Saturday, February 27, 2010

Never a Dull Moment...End of the Day Shots

I am finally getting rid of my mammoth old banker's desk in my classroom! I have hated this thing since DAY ONE! I got rid of my desk at my old school, and was very happy with that arrangement. Now, my room is a hot mess. (The custodial staff was removing it yesterday evening.)
HH is going to be at work with me at 7:00 on Monday morning in order to put all the pieces back together again! When I get into a rearranging mode, I go into overdrive until everything is perfectly where I want it. HH doesn't understand this aspect, but is happy to help out.
Last night was pizza with a great friend, then onto our basketball game, and capping the night off with SINBAD!!! This is our second time seeing him live, and he is amazing! I sat right by a guy who had the coolest mohawk I had ever seen.

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