Thursday, April 17, 2008


What I regret the most is all the stories that I don't have to tell.

Thinking about this statement really explains how people who have been thin all their life really don't understand some of the things people "have" to do once they have lost their weight. There are many things I cannot make up.... lack of prom dates in high school, etc.

Yet, as I have dropped the weight, there are MANY things I can make up. My life story is not over. Although truth be told, August of 2006, I did not have much hope. I was imprisoned by fat. Not only was I dying, I was so unhealthy, that I couldn't afford to truly live the days I had left.

So many fat people have made a "list" of things they want to do as they lose the weight. Some lists contain things that seem so odd to thin people, such as take a bath in the tub, or be able to walk in a room and not have people stare at you. Other lists are more radical, and include many big goals that seem "outrageous." I have several outrageous items on my list, but man am I ever itching to do them. There are stories that I will never have, but there are also some GREAT stories that are in the works of being created in my life. One of them is happening in 37 days....skydiving. This former 393.6 pound girl is going to just from a plane to feel a rush that words cannot express.

Seize the day!

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