Monday, April 14, 2008

Comments and a Big Decision

I got two more comments at work today. My boss said she could tell I had lost weight since the last time she saw me. Another co-worker said if I get much smaller I am going to blow away. (I am a far cry from blowing away, but it sure felt good to hear that.)

I am so close to being at the skydiving weight (185). Just as much as it is a physical act, it is symbolic too. It represents that my weight does NOT control me anymore. I am free to live life, and live it to the FULL. Am I scared? You bet your bottom dollar I am, but I've lived too much of my life on the sidelines. I am 28 years old, and want to start really living.

I also made a huge decision today. I am not going back into the classroom next year. It is too late to get into the reasoning, but it is truly the best decision for me at this moment.

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