Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh YEAH!!!!

Guess who wears a size MEDIUM top? ME!!! I did a little bit of shopping while doing some touristy stuff, and I kept debating between the medium and large sizes on three different tops. I decided to go ahead and buy the mediums. I got back to the hostel and tried them on. THEY ALL FIT!!!

Today I went to Casa Loma, The Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Royal Museum of Ontario. I walked all over the city, and had a blast doing it.

Mini Motivators From Back in Skinny Jeans:

Here is an interesting article (click the word article for the link, for some reason it doesn't appear like a hyperlink with the background of my blog) concerning how one school district is trying to help with the obesity epidemic our children are facing. This subject is of great interest to me because I work with young children on a regular basis, and I was an obese child. Any child that I could help not to grow up obese, I would love the chance. There are way too many social stigmas, emotional and physical battles they have to face.

Did I mention that....I can wear a size medium top!!!!!????!!!!!

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