Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inches Lost in April

This month I lost five inches. I have lost a grand total of 98 inches since September 1, 2007. I need to realize that the inches are going to slow down. I need to celebrate even when it is a half an inch. Every inch (or smaller increment) counts. Just as they say once you get below 200 it doesn't take long to change sizes clothing size, I have been looking at clothing charts. It truly doesn't not take many inches to move you up or down a clothing size.

I called today to put my downpayment for skydiving down. The lady asked me what my height and weight was, and for the first time in my life, I wasn't ashamed to say what it was. I also didn't feel like a freak hearing the numbers aloud.

Today, as I was wearing my size 12 pants, I seriously could have tattooed that on my forehead, because I was so happy. It amazes me that I am not only in the misses department, I am also not the biggest size in the misses department. I can recall a few months back hoping that I would reach a size twelve by summer, and I did it with a month to spare.

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