Monday, April 28, 2008

Indulgences...and Finding a Balance

I have been thinking about indulgences for some time. Having the DS means that I don't get punished physically (dumping) from eating a sweet. Since I didn't have the lap band, the calories is sweets don't ruin me either.

Now that I am thirteen months out, I do indulge some. I guess I am struggling to find out just what that balance is. Normal weight people indulge, but keep it in check. I know that I can indulge, but I need to watch it. Too many indulgences and it could keep me from reaching my goal. I do not want that to happen. I've also read too many stories of people a few years post-op getting too free, and picking up twenty pounds or so.

This is what I know about myself...

1. I am more apt to indulge on the weekend.
2. If I don't keep a few safe items (like sugar free dove chocolates) in my purse, I am much more likely to put something else in my mouth that is not good for me.
3. I have a hard time when some things that are tempting are on my plate. For example, last Saturday I ate lunch with a friend, and I told them not to send any fries. Of course, the server explained how they "came with the meal" and that the meal would be the same price, but I just wanted my temptation to be removed.
4. I am proud of myself when I immediately throw away half of whatever I am indulging in. This is my way of controlling how much I eat. A few weeks ago, I broke a brownie in half, and threw the other half away.
5. I also indulge more when I have longer drives. I pack DS friendly foods, but somehow justify my extended drives for a chance for a treat.

One thing I know for certain is that I never denied myself prior to having my DS. Whatever I wanted food wise, I ate it. I rarely felt bad about it either. I want to know that balance that allows me some freedom, yet still has some firm boundaries.

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