Friday, April 4, 2008

Off to the Great White North....

In the morning I will leave for Niagara Falls and Toronto. I am so excited. :) I will be taking quite a few pictures.

Tonight was our KADS dinner. Vicki, Ken, and I had a good time together. I am happy that Vicki will be having her DS so soon.

After our KADS dinner I went to Lane Bryant to get some smaller jeans. (They are going to suck out my money until the very last second. I am soooo happy I am almost out of their sizes!) I bought two pairs of Red 1. That means I've gone from curvy to "moderately curvy." It is so weird when I looked at the jeans. They look so small. I thought as I was walking to the dressing room that there was no way these jeans would fit my butt, but they did. I also stared at my thighs once I put my jeans on. They don't look massive anymore. I mean they are not small, but they don't look HUGE either. One thing is for thighs look MUCH better covered up. :)

I need to pack now.

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