Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Day!!!

Well, the day started off with a nice little EARTHQUAKE, but after that, things got better. :)

After lunch, I went back to the office. I was DREADING this because I knew I would be facing my boss. I had sent her an email telling her about my decision to leave and go back to the classroom. We talked for a bit, and both cried. She respected my decision, but said she hated to lose me. She is so sweet. I am completely at peace about my decision to return to the classroom.

So a WOW happened to me at a meeting today. I can now officially DOUBLE CROSS MY LEGS!!!

I asked my sister what size pants she wore tonight. I am only TWO sizes bigger than her in pants!

I went with my mom to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, and we sat in a booth. One of my most mortifying moments as an SSMO person happened at Texas Roadhouse, when I could barely get out of the booth after eating with my family. What hurt the most was my eyes meeting my dads when this happened. I kept looking down. There was a good SIX INCHES between the table and me. This amazed me, I kept staring down at the space. That space was so significant because my stomach used to fill up all that area.

My sister got to meet Redwing tonight. I got to stay and have a late dinner with him which was very nice. I like that he makes me smile. :)

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