Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some Comedy....

Wearing high heels is something new for me. As an SSMO person, walking in general was hard enough, let alone throwing in a curve ball of walking on two-three inch heels. I figure most ladies my age have a good ten years of experience on me as far as wearing high heels. I am certainly trying to make up for lost time, but this is a steep learning curve.

The first thing I had to learn was how to stand in them without my legs wobbling and teetering. I have gotten this down. The second step, actually walking in them and looking graceful is a whole different ball game. I walk very slow, and there is just not a rhythm to my step. I know the only way to get used to them is keep practicing, but I know I must look silly!

Steps are also a great hazard with heels! I have to go down steps one by one, for fear of falling flat on my face!

I think the one fear with heels that I have gotten over is that the heel will actually break off while trying to support my weight. Thank heavens!