Thursday, April 24, 2008


My Muffin Top!!!

For years I have heard about this mythological creature called a "muffin top." Ladies claimed it was the bit of fat that hung over their pants. For so many years I think I just had 8-10 loaves of bread that hung out from my pants. I'm thrilled that I can actually pinch all my "muffin top" and there is still not a sea of fat that cannot fit into my grasp.

I went to work in Frankfort yesterday, and the first thing one of the ladies said to me was, "You must be a size 12 now." It totally flipped me out! I was thrilled to hear those words. :) These came from a lady who has treaded up and down the sizes over the years, so I really think she has a good eye for things like that. Later on that night we started talking about weight, and I only outweigh these ladies by thirty pounds! Things are slowly starting to become a reality for me, but some days I wonder if my head will ever catch up with how my body really looks.

What I am avoiding like the plague: BUYING A BATHING SUIT!!! My body is in desperate need of plastics. I am not at the point weight loss wise to have them yet. I don't mind swimming at my parent's house, but in July I am going to Colombia. We are going to visit a region that is known for its hot springs, and I certainly want to try them out!

It is exactly ONE MONTH until I go skydiving. I am scared to death, but also looking forward to it.

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