Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today Was Good!

I was talking with my mom today while waiting for the play to start. She asked me where we sat when we went to hear a friend sing/play guitar on Friday night. He is a friend of my sister. He thought I was Amber! It is still weird to think I am starting to look more and more like her...which means I am getting thinner! I am about forty pounds heavier than she is. I guess if you take into account my bones being heavier and extra skin, that is why people are starting to say we resemble one another.

Speaking of thinner....since getting the DS, I have been in a habit of buying things super tight, knowing that in four-six weeks I will be able to wear them. I tried on this really cute black dress I bought a few weeks back, and it looks great on me now. Perhaps if we can have a few days in a row that are remotely like SPRING, I can actually wear it out.

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