Sunday, April 27, 2008

13 Months Post Op...

I seriously cannot believe my DS was thirteen months ago. This journey has happened so quickly, especially when I think of how long I was fat. It seems like becoming thinner has happened within the blink of an eye.

I started this month out at 195, and ended it at 185. I lost ten pounds for month thirteen. I love every time I leave a set of numbers for a smaller one, leaving the 190's felt good. I guess it felt so good, because while in the 190's, I was so afraid I would blink, and I would be back up over 200. Now that I am in the 180's, I feel I have a little bit of safety in that regard.

I guess the biggest thing this month that has really hit me is that I'm not huge anymore. I can excuse myself while walking down the hall of the office, and people don't have to clear the way for me to get through. Chairs seem to keep getting bigger and bigger. Yeah, I have some saggy skin, but when I am clothed, I like the reflection that I see from the mirror. I do stop and stare often, truly thinking I have a body double and that they have just politely put my head back on top.

The Stats:
  • I have lost a total of 208.6 pounds.

  • I am ten pounds from my PCP's goal.

  • I am thirty-five pounds from my personal goal.

  • I have decreased my BMI by 32.6 points.

  • I have lost 52.9% of my body weight.

  • I have lost 85.6% of my excess weight.

  • I wear a size medium top.

  • I wear a size 12-14 depending on who makes the outfit.

(Please see back a few posts for my thirteen months post op pictures. I took them a few days early.)

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