Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I bought some skincare products from an infomercial today. ( My mom has aged really poorly. Her mom I think has aged very well. I know I'm 28, but I need to start getting into a good skincare routine to help with the whole aging process. I'm not saying this stuff is a miracle, perhaps it is snake oil. I just know by not doing anything I am not helping myself. Just for kicks, I'm going to take a picture of myself prior to using it, and another picture of my face at a month and see if I notice any differences.

I am wavering....about the job thing. I posted yesterday that I had decided not to transfer back into the classroom. Today, going back to teaching was ALL I could think about. Friday is IT. I have to make a decision by then. I work in a very large district, and I will always have other opportunities should I want to leave the classroom again. Redwing says I should do whatever makes me happy. It feels good having his support.

I know I have a weird obsession with thighs, and today is no exception. I was looking at the thighs of the lady I work with, and sizing mine up compared to hers. My thighs really are not much bigger than hers. It blows me away, really it does.

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