Sunday, April 6, 2008


I am sitting in the common area of the hostel I am staying in. Thank heavens this place is AMAZING. The hostel I was supposed to stay in while in Niagara looked worse than a crack house. I ended up getting a hotel.

I have walked non-stop today. Niagara Falls was better than words can describe. I went up into the tower to see the view from up high. In Toronto, I walked all around the downtown area. I went in the CN Tower. The view was too cool.

A few things I noticed today...there are not as many overweight/obese people in Toronto. Granted I only had a small portion of the population to observe, but there still were less than you would typically see in the states. I also noticed that there are a lot less handicapped accessible buildings.

I was also thrilled with my physical stamina today. Yes I am tired, but I had a jam packed day. It is a good kind of tired. It feels so good to be healthier.


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