Friday, May 2, 2008

Crawling towards Goal

I weighed in at 183 pounds today. I am down two pounds for this month so far. I've seen friends who needed to lose 30-40 pounds go on diets, and really struggle to get to that "goal" weight. Most of the time, I thought the goal weight was within range, and nothing outlandish. I can now understand why people say the last ___ pounds are the hardest. (I think typically I have heard the last 20.) With that being said, I don't necessarily see them as being the hardest pounds, but my body is slowing down, and putting on some breaks.

I was listening to a message by a man I deeply respect named Keith Green. He passed away many years ago, but his words are so timely and true. He was talking about the race of life, and doing right even when we don't feel like it. How we cannot go by our feelings alone. The end of the race is where the judges are. Yes, you have to run a good start, and a good middle...but the judges are at the end. The key question for me is: Will I end as I have begun?

In thinking about that question further, and pondering the whole not operating on my feelings, I want to keep making good choices. About 95% of the time, I do make great DS choices. I want to continue with this. Where I am dropping the ball big time is with the exercise. Next week I am completely slammed with work (even in the evenings), but after that, I am getting my exercise game back on! I think part of my problem is I keep forgetting that I don't get exhausted just going through the ordinary motions of life anymore. My body is craving movement, and I need to start giving it just that.

Well, I am off to watch the two boys I nanny all day today and tomorrow. I am staying the night at their house. It is Derby weekend, so I will be making great money. Not to mention, they are easy to watch and fun to be around. That always makes things better. :)

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