Monday, May 26, 2008


I forgot to mention a conversation I had with my dad at the Skydiving Center. He wanted to buy me a t-shirt saying I had went skydiving. He asked me what size I needed, I told him a medium. He said these shirts are 100% cotton, and are going to shrink. I just smiled at him and said, "I still need a medium." :) Good times.

Tonight I went shopping. My jeans are starting to get real saggy in the butt. I have gone to the straight jean (yellow 2) at Lane Bryant. It was so fun when the lady sized me up. She said, you are so small. You have such a tiny waist. I hope we have something to fit you. I only have ONE more size I can go down there. My days of Lane Bryant shopping are FINALLY over. What FREEDOM!!!!

I also bought ten cute pairs of underwear from Victoria's Secret. This is the first underwear I've purchased from them. I feel so normal. No one looked at me funny for being in there or anything! How cool is that. I also bought some great smelling sprays. :)

I have my bone density (Dexa Scan) tomorrow. I could not take any vitamins/supplements 24 hours prior. I cannot begin to tell you how WEIRD it feels not taking my vits, after being so religious about them.

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