Sunday, May 18, 2008

Perhaps a Bit Vain, but Off The Sidelines

This post may come off a little bit vain, or even self serving. I don't really mean for it to, but here are some thoughts that I had last night at my mom's retirement party. There were probably 150 people there. Many of these people have known my family since we were small children. At least ten times, I was called by my sister's name, "Amber." Then of course when I corrected them, they were astonished that it was me.

For all the years growing up, I was the smart sister. (Not saying my sister is dumb!) Smart was the adjective used to describe me, because certainly pretty couldn't be used. I was huge, and if anything I got the tradmark fat comment, "You have such a pretty face." (*insert eyeroll here*)

Last night was different. For once, I felt that I was in the same league as my sister goes. People complimented me on how nice I looked. They said how pretty I was. It was nice hearing a different adjective associated with my name.

I don't want to say that I lived in my sister's shadow, because that wasn't really true. I am five years older than she is. I lived through her on some things I never got to experience in high school such as having a prom date, having a steady boyfriend, wearing cute clothes, etc. These were not experiences I had. I was on the sidelines.

It feels nice to almost be on an equal playing field with her.

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