Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graduation Pictures...

I am so proud of my brother. He has really worked hard, and now has his bachelor's degree. This was a big day for him, and for me too.

My brother, sister, and I pose together.

Here are my sister and I together. What still is unbelievable to me in this picture is how much we look alike. My body is not that much different from hers. I am probably 35-40 pounds heavier than she is, but wow...I just can't believe it. She was telling me the other day our mom was showing pictures to one of her friends. The friend asked where I was, and why I wasn't in the pictures. She actually thought that I was my sister! WOW! :)
I stayed the night Saturday night with my parents. We didn't get in until midnight, and my mom and I worked on a scrapbook for Mother's Day. This morning, I was looking at pictures my mom had up of me around the house. Is it horrible to say that I wish they were gone? I really wish I could nicely ask her to take down all my fat pictures. I know I am not thin as a stick anymore, but I am not 300, 330, or 393 pounds anymore either. I feel like they are some type of "fat ghost" that is haunting me. That is another reason I am excited about going to work in a place where most of the people don't know that I was SSMO. (I think only 4 people know.)
Also, the girl who lives next door to me finally complimented me on my weight loss. She is finishing up medical school, and I just think she felt akward saying anything. She really freaked out when I told her how much weight I had lost. At the grocery story, I said hello to a parent whom I had BOTH of his children in school. He did not recognize me at all. It was cool to reintroduce myself to him.

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