Monday, May 26, 2008

14 Months Post Op

Today I am 14 months post op. Wow, how time flies! I weighed in at 175 this morning. That puts me at a ten pound loss for this month. This also puts me at my PCP's goal for weight loss. 175 was where she said she would be delighted if I reached that. It is awesome that I reached that, but I certainly want to SURPASS her goal! Let's keep on losing!!!! :)

The Stats:
  • I have lost 34.2 points off my BMI.
  • With my BMI currently at 27.4, I am halfway to the normal range.
  • I have went down 13 pants sizes from 36W to size 12.
  • I have lost 55.5% of my total body weight from the day of surgery.
  • I have lost 89.7% of my excess body weight.

There are so many things about my weight loss that cannot go into the stat box. How much more energy I have, how great it feels to look normal, to be able to shop for clothes almost anywhere, etc. Those things are so priceless to me. I am still most thrilled that I went skydiving two days about breaking boundaries!

I am not going to post a new picture, since I just put up a few skydiving ones the other day. I am certain I have not changed much since then. I will post more skydiving photos as they come in.

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