Thursday, May 29, 2008

What a Difference 14 months makes!!!

End of December 2006...It is time to move all my stuff out of my classroom, because I am starting a new job in January. My dad and cousin are there to help. I was so fat, out of shape, and miserable....I could barely help with anything. Seriously, it took every bit of strength that I had to get boxes to the top of the stairs. There was no way I could have carried them up and down the steps. My dad was 58 years old at the time, and in WAY better health that I was. I felt trapped, helpless.

May 2008...I made at least ten trips to my car tonight loading it up. I am going to my new school tomorrow to start unloading things. I went up and down the steps like it was nothing. I didn't even break a sweat. I am going to work on getting rid of stuff from the previous teacher tomorrow. On June 23rd, I will be doing the big move, and I'm not worried about it at all. I'm actually going to be a HELP instead of being in the way this time. Yes, I will be tired at the end, but not exhausted and needing a week to recoop tired. I am so thankful for having my health back.

My new boss really is awesome. I have never met someone who made me feel so valued and appreciated. He has already sat down several times (including today) to have conversations with me. I really like that a lot.

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