Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jacking Up the Calcium Supplementation

There has been quite a bit of conversation going back and forth on our DS forum at OH, talking about Calcium Citrate. I'm not an expert on vitamins, but there are a few people on the forum (Vitalady especially) who are. The talk is centered around elemental calcium, and how most likely we are not getting what we truly need, especially when you take into account the malabsorption component.

I am doubling my calcium citrate consumption to 6000 mg a day. I am going to be popping calcium all day long. I think one of my biggest things I need to consider as far as my decision to do this is my age. I am 28 (almost 29) years old. I have a long (and happy) lifetime of malabsorption ahead of me. I do not want to take any risk of not getting enough calcium, and trading in a healthy body for a problem ridden one that could have easily been prevented had I just boosted my supplementation.

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