Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things I Like Verses Things That I Love...

1. I like Dairy Queen Blizzards with extra Reese Cup's and extra Oreo ... but I love hearing my doctor say that I am in excellent health.

2. I like the ease of pulling into a drive-thru and getting a meal ... but I love being able to wear a size 12 clothes (and shop at almost any store).

3. I like to eat chips and bread ... but I love being able to get on the scale and not freak out by the numbers that I see.

4. I like pretty much any type of dessert ... but I love being able to wear a size medium top, and for people to actually see that I have a waist.

5. I like cookie cakes and funnel cakes ... but I love not being the fattest girl in the room anymore.

Pasta Queen talks about how she spent the majority of her life ignoring everything that involved her health and fitness. That got her up to 372 pounds. I can really relate, ignoring my health and fitness got me to 393 pounds. While I have had a great WLS (the DS), that does not mean I cannot fail. While I can occasionally have some of the above "likes," I cannot have whatever I wish.

While I do like some of the things I mentioned above, new priorities have set in. It feels good not to be so sluggish and tired. I love taking something to the dressing room thinking that it won't fit, and it does with room to spare. Perhaps the old agage is true, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

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