Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Backing Off On the Carbs...

Specially I mean by beloved "Bob Evans Sausage Chili." Man, I LOVE this stuff. DS wise, it is not horrible for me, but it is completely where a ton of my carbs for each day are coming from. I know I can make the adjustment, it will just take a few days. I want to make the most of my weight loss window.

Today is election day, so no work. I'm going to vote, then get a request from my doctor for a bone density scan. I will be interested to see how much I have lost since the last time I went to see her. That has been one really amazing thing since having the DS. Every single time I have gone to the doctor in the last 14 months (and I have gone quite a bit for DS follow up) I have lost weight. That is simply amazing! That has never happened to me. Quite often it was the opposite trend, every single time I went to the doctor I went up a few pounds.

Enjoy the day!

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