Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I got to go to the school I will be teaching at next year. We were dividing out students. My class has 17 kids as of now. (The principal promised to cap the class at 22.) I have NEVER had a class so small. The classes I am used to teaching have 28 to 30 kids. I know these are super needy kids, but I am so thrilled thinking about the possibilities we will have to progress with such small numbers. (For those who are not in education, those numbers are almost private school numbers.)

I have one more GED class next Wednesday. This group has been so awesome. I think they are all set to pass. :)

I got to catch up with an old friend/roommate from college tonight.

In other news, the scale can move DOWN any day now. Really, I've enjoyed hanging out at 179, but I am ready to see new numbers. I have easily cut my carb intake by 50%, so the results on the scale should be coming soon. I realize though that every time I make goals like these, my body has completely different plans.

One cool thing I did realize today ... I am 20 pounds from a normal BMI! Technically, if I lost those 20 pounds, I would be at the high end of the "normal weight" range. It really explains why clothes are getting harder to find, because there are a lot of people that wear my size. I am truly starting to slowly realize that I don't stand out horribly weight wise.

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