Monday, February 4, 2008

The Day

I got to eat lunch with Meredith. She is the daughter of my sister's boyfriend. She was so surprised to see me at her school. It was so cute. I brought her a McDonald's Happy Meal. Why did I ever like McDonalds? Did I lose my mind? The smell was so nasty, I thought I was going to get sick. I even smelled it again after I got back in my car, and was sick from it. YUCK!!!

I met with a principal I used to work under. At the time, she was a principal intern in my building. I spoke very frankly with her about wanting to work under her if she had any openings. She was very excited about it. She said to put her building down as first on my transfer list, and she would make sure that I had a job. I love this woman because she is so motivating, and is very sincere. I would also get to work in an at-risk school, which is where my true calling is. The meeting gave me hope.

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