Monday, February 18, 2008

Ok So I Have No Willpower

Yes, I went shopping today. At least I am not eating, I am SHOPPING! Shopping is so much more fun than eating. I guess I could have worse addictions. Here is the amazing news.....
I can now wear a size 14 pair of pants! I only bought one pair, but how cool is that!!! They are a bit too tight for my personal taste to wear just yet (I am still getting used to wearing clothes that actually fit properly).

What makes a size 14 pair of pants so significant? A few things. One, it is another size DOWN in pants. Two, I am inching closer and closer to a SINGLE DIGIT clothing size. Three, the average female clothing size is 14. I am the size of an average woman in the US. (I am not going to settle on being just average though!)

The tops I bought were all size L. It is nice not having an "X" in front of any of your clothing. I really tried to look for some more fitted type tops. My only criteria was that the sleeves were there to cover up my upper arms some.

One other thing I saw today that hit a little too close to home. I saw two friends shopping together. One was the size of a twig, and the other was a pretty plus sized lady. The plus sized lady was helping the skinny lady pick out clothes, and lathering her up in compliments. It reminded me of my high school days. I used to go shopping with my skinny friends. I was never one who went shopping for me, I just tagged along to all the stores they could shop in like Express, Gap, The Limited, etc. I was too mortified to ever ask them to come to the one store I could shop in.

Onto other news....I got my two season tickets for the Louisville Fire Arena Football team! I got some AWESOME SEATS!!! I will be at all eight home games with bells on, and we also get to attend an away game in Lexington as part of the season ticket package.

I also purchased tickets to the Southeast Easter Pageant. It is something I've always wanted to attend, but never have.

There is ANOTHER Lap Band Billboard (like I described in the post yesterday)! I am going to take a picture of it, and get the insight of those who read my blog. I really don't like it.

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