Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am not for display...

We had a family dinner out tonight. On the other side of the restaurant was my aunt and her family for a private party. Of my dad's family, she is the one I do like the most, but I am still not close to her at all. When we pull up dad wants me to go say hi so she can see how good I look, etc, etc. I am thrilled that my dad is happy for my weight loss, he truly has been one of my biggest supporters. I just felt like a freak show who was on display. I have never liked attention drawn to myself, but especially in this fashion. He has also told her that I was training for a 5K. I didn't want him to say anything, but I never specified that, so I cannot fault him. For crying out loud, I am doing my first 5K in the middle of Indiana just so I won't be around anyone in the world I could possibly know.

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